“TOO MANY CATS Content Solutions” About Page

TOO MANY CATS Content Solutions” is the name of my small business, a content-writing business, and also the name of my blog, in which I examine the balance between managing a 5-cat family in my office by day and my master bedroom by night while being heavily involved in full-time content writing for various employers from online businesses and at the same  time managing my MS, which“T has been a  part of my life since I was in law school, in 1984; being heavily active in participating in our extended family living arrangement, living with my husband/college sweetheart of 34 years, his older sister who is 70, her eldest son who is 50, her shiatsu who is 3, our 5 grown cats who are 15, 13, 10. 9, and 8 years old; and the ways in which all of this ferments and coalesces on a daily basis, ideally without too much heart burn or bloodshed. Some days, my balance is successful and I am working with happy, well-adjusted  pets and humans. Other days, I want to crawl under the bedclothes alone and hide. Since my 9-year old cat is a grumpy old man who has taken up residence under the covers, I am not really welcome there and that would not be a good thing long term for remaining active as a way to keep the MS  disability at bay….

In this blog, I sample ways of reinventing my life and my writing business to  maximize their potential and my sanity.  Various anecdotes from my crazy life are interspersed with other tid-bits of writing to keep the blog lively.

One of the more difficult balancing acts I must achieve daily is how to keep the 5 cats engaged in their life in the room to avoid having one or more escape into the rest of the house where they are not allowed because of serious allergies on the part of my sister-in-law. The cats disagree; they line up inside the room when they suspect that the door will open like Olympic runners at the starting line of a competition.  The minute they hear activity  outside the door,  they are off and running.  Because I am in a wheelchair, they can easily run under the chair and out the door before I even have time to yell “no” in a futile attempt to stop them. Luckily, only 3 are frequent fliers. 1 of the  others wanders up to the door and try to escape occasionally, and the 13-year old won’t leave the room unless she is being carried.


I am a 55-year old writer and blogger. I am a retired real estate attorney. I practiced real estate law for 17 years. Real estate is still a favorite topic of mine. I write in that genre frequently. I also write good legal blogs and mortgage financing blogs. Writing is my passion. I write full-time, at either my desk top computer or on my Android device, where I have all of my word processing and research files handy for wherever I am!


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