Pens and Pencils: Are They Still A Part Of My Writing Life?

I am still a heavy and devoted use of pens,  pencils, and writing items. I continue to have drawers full of the same in my “office,” a corner of our master bedroom hosted by our 5 cats. (In reality, the room is only 10 x 12; in my mind it is a large open-concept space like one found on HGTV.) I order imprinted pens featuring my TOO MANY CATS business name by the box-full to hand out to unsuspecting souls. In its most recent reincarnation, the Jennifer Jenson pen can double as a stylus for use with Android and iPhone devices. That way, I can transition smoothly from my Android to the written, penned word without a glitch, which I do at the drop of a hat .

I am honestly not sure what I would do i f all of my technology went away. I  would certainly feel crippled. I have gone from a writer who could only journal with pen and ink to a writer whose preferred medium is an online journal because it is always with me in an unobtrusive sort of   way. Anyone watching me would just think that I am making a phone call and don’t dial too well; in that same space of time, I have created a blog entry or at least a shopping list.

Prior to my total conversion to online writing, I used to carry small notebooks in the waist  pouch I wear in the wheelchair. It is a handy  place to carry stuff and I always have some project that I can  whip out    anywhere, at a moment’s  notice. The result of that transitional phase of small notebooks is that in addition to hundreds of barely-working pens in my drawers, I have a multitude of half-used notepads to keep the pens company. Once in awhile, I drag one of the little pads out to carry around. I usually end up storing it back in one of the drawers for later use.

So, why  do I  persist in ordering pens to write with when the majority of their use is devoted to being a stylus? It is because I just LIKE pens.  I like to have new ones. I like to see my name on the pens. And, I like to give them away so that I can order more….I’d better hope that my TOO MANY CATS inspire me to write great content to   pay for all of our    pens!


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