Trying Various Word Press Themes to Inject Life Into My Posts

Selecting from among the various beautiful themes in Word  Press allows me to infuse my prose with visual images in an attempt to convey to my reader some of the beauty that I see as I write. Words on the page are generally   the only image I am used   to sharing; the option to pick a theme in keeping with my words allows me to share a  portion of  what I am visualizing and thus to connect  with my reader to get my message across more vividly. That is an exciting new concept to me. I have attempted to illustrate my writings in the  past, but am no artist. Or rather, I cannot create images which amount to any more than colored blobs on the page. My artwork has not progressed beyond the dwarf skier that I drew  on  my third grade class winter 1967.

Seriously, I see  the ability to select themes to go along with various pieces of writing as a way to augment my  writing in order to liven it up and make it more descriptive for my readers’ enjoyment as well as my own